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Marketing Essay Writing

Perhaps choosing the topic is the most difficult part in completing marketing essays or any essay in general. It is in identifying the issue that you get trapped 99% of the time. This is a very common dilemma in essay writing. However, once you have decided on the topic, everything else should be easy.

In writing marketing essays, it is important to note the most prevalent strategy in the world of internalisation: marketing mix (4Ps). You can even devise a topic from the concepts presented in marketing mix alone.

Here are useful steps in writing marketing essays:

  • Identify the topic or issue. You can get ideas for your marketing essay from online advertisements, radios or television. Or you can examine how large companies have profited from the marketing mix perspective.
  • Write an outline dividing your essay into parts. It is always helpful to map out how it should read. This also helps you organise your thoughts when you finally start writing.
  • Brainstorm ideas and note them down. Think about the different approaches to the issue and scribble them. This is useful when you start discussing your essay.
  • Search for articles and journals to back up your claims and ideas. Always use established sources. You may check with your university for recommended references.
  • Make sure to pick the most appropriate sources or information to support your topic.
  • Write a draft with the introduction, body, and conclusion. Start from the ideas you have scribbled down and organise them based on your essay plan.
  • Finally, proofread your work and mind the referencing style. Reread your essay to check if your ideas are presented thoroughly and systematically.

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