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Essays are never an easy task to begin with. Whilst it is true that some students will learn the necessary skills to write a perfect essay, writing law essays will make most students feel like first timers. Law essay writing requires an entirely different set of research skills. To complete a good law essay, one needs to have legal research skills and this skill is mostly perfected by people who have been in the legal field for years, this includes solicitors and barristers.

Having been in this industry for more than 8 years and with more than 1,000 law experts with the requisite legal research skills, we are able to assist our customers with almost all types of law essays completed to any level and standard.

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The following are some of the most popular law school essays we write:

  • Business law essays
  • Civil law essays
  • Constitutional law essays
  • Criminal law essays
  • Consumer law essays
  • Employment law essays
  • European Union law essays
  • Immigration law essays
  • International law essays
  • Land law essays
  • Obligation law essays
  • Procedural law essays
  • Public law essays
  • Tax law essays
  • Property law essays
  • Trusts and Equity law essays

Essay Writer frequently receives enquiries from customers asking for advice on how to write law essays, law reports and law exams. In a nutshell, the most important things to do are:

  • Ensure that the law essay question has been fully understood as there is no point in carrying out a very thorough legal research if the question has not been understood.
  • The main arguments raised in the essay question should be analysed and relevant areas and examples must be explored.
  • The essay must then be presented neatly with content flowing easily from one paragraph to another and the conclusion must tie in neatly with the essay title.
  • Lastly, the essay would not be complete without proper referencing. The OSCOLA (The Oxford Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities) referencing style or simply Oxford referencing, is the most common style used to reference sources used in the research.

Our law experts are well-versed in both Common Law (practiced in England, Wales and Northern Ireland) and the Scots system of Common Law and Civil Law. We can assure that your law essay, report or exam will only be entrusted to writers who are well-educated and extremely familiar with the UK education and legal systems. In addition to our law experts' qualifications, we can offer guaranteeswhich are unmatched by any other company.

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For any questions about our law essay writing service then you can contact us and we will answer your query immediately.

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