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Meet the Team

Our team endeavours to provide the best custom essay writing services delivered by the best people. For us, the customer is at the core of everything we do. We have the passion for providing quality service. We are dedicated on delivering our services on time, on budget and on brief.

Provided below is the profile of our main team members who work for Essay Writer. They are the professionals who you will most likely communicate with. They will assist you during your time as a customer with Essay Writer. With our profiles, we seek to inform you more about the excellent service that our company strives to offer and the professionalism that we hold in this industry.


David Burton
David - General Manager

David has been working with Essay Writer since its inception in 2001. He is one of the key role members of the team who has thrived in steering Essay Writer to become an industry leader in the provision of academic writing services in the UK. As a graduate of the London school of Economics and a former lecturer in Education David is on hand to provide sound advice and help to our customers and students using our services.

Mark Walker
Mark - Customer Service Manager

Mark heads the customer services team and is one of the first people you will speak to when contacting us. When he is not at work, he indulges most of his time playing tennis (which he is very good at!). Mark's previous experience in customer service, mainly within the Retail sector, helped push our company to a higher level of customer service satisfaction.

Angela Reid
Angela - Customer Service Supervisor

If you call our office, you are very likely to speak to Angela as she is one of our very experienced members of the phone support team. Angela is very patient, and she is very popular with many of our long term customers.

Sarah Cooper
Sarah - Customer Service Supervisor

Sarah has been with the team since 2008. She graduated with a Postgraduate degree in Computer Science, and had over 3 years experience in technical support. Sarah mainly communicates with customers via email support and live chat! She is always on hand to help and assist customers and is always outgoing and enthusiastic.

Janette Hughes
Janette - Customer Service Advisor

Janette is always willing to engage in challenges and learn a new set of skills. Her experience as technical support for more than 3 years honed her to become resourceful and efficient in her daily tasks. In her leisure time, she loves to explore the outdoors and go on short trips during weekends with her friends. She has been an avid student of photography since her university days and enjoys learning different styles and techniques on the web.

Heidi Bristow
Heidi - Customer Service Advisor

Heidi is part of the customer services team and among those who will gladly assist you. Having been exposed to the media as a journalist and the advertising industry as a copywriter, Heidi takes pleasure in getting to know new faces and finds interest in conversing with the people she meets. When not in the company of others, Heidi spends her time playing the guitar.

James - Customer Service Advisor

James has previously worked in a similar customer service position thus he is no stranger when it comes to helping customers. A naturally friendly and outgoing guy, he enjoys speaking to customers over the telephone. In his spare time James enjoys fishing and playing pool.

Melanie - Customer Service Advisor

As the latest addition to the customer services team, Melanie has proven herself to be highly capable and reliable when it comes to providing excellent services to our customers. In a previous, similar role in a local company, she has been awarded employee of the month several times and we are indeed very happy to welcome her to the team!

Kirsty Price
Kirsty - Human Resource Manager

An intelligent and dedicated team player, Kirsty heads the Human Resource Team. She is responsible for overseeing the recruitment of our top academic talents. Her previous posts prior to Essay Writer were as Human Resource executive within a large Multinational company.

John Bell
John - Public Relations Manager

John is a key member of the Essay Writer team, he maintains and manages all media communications such as press releases, speeches and magazine articles in order to research and monitor the much valued customers opinions of our service.

Evita Wang
Evita - Human Resource Assistant

Evita takes care of the day-to-day handling of researcher enquiries and communications. She ensures that our all of our researchers receive the full support they require whilst completing briefs and takes care of the accounting to ensure that they are remunerated each month. Well travelled, smart, and energetic, Evita was a former recruitment specialist before joining our team.

India Simons
India - Brief Delegation Manager

India is responsible for assigning briefs to our team of researchers and works very hard and diligently to always ensure that briefs are returned on time to our clients. She is responsible for communicating with a variety of different departments which takes a lot of focus and energy but always does so with a smile on her face.

Anthony Trewhitt
Anthony - Quality Control Supervisor

Anthony has many years experience as an English lecturer and educator. He is a graduate of English Language and is one of the longest standing members of the Essay Writer Team. His main role is to ensure that customers receive their work to the highest standards possible by overseeing the proofreading, Quality checking, editing and amending of briefs. He is exceptionally good at dealing with deadlines and is also a perfectionist.

Rachel Brown
Rachel - Quality Control Coordinator

Rachel, a graduate of Music and English, is responsible for ensuring that briefs thoroughly meet the standards that the customers expect. She ensures that clients receive their orders on time and that these essays meet the requirements that the customers have set. As coordinator, she is always absorbed in the research that she is working on.

Leanne Smith
Leanne - Quality Control Coordinator

Leanne graduated with a first-class degree in Mass Communications. With sound knowledge of the English language, Leanne is very systematic and thorough when quality checking briefs. When not working, her main interest includes writing articles for internet blogs.

Jayne Thomson
Jayne - Quality Control Coordinator

Jayne is new member for our team this year. She previously worked as a junior editor for her local newspaper. She is a bright enthusiastic individual who often works overtime to make sure that orders are returned on time to our customers.

Richard Hirst
Richard - IT Technician

Richard is the creative mind and head of our IT department. Many of the highly sophisticated and integrated systems that we use have been designed by him.

Derek Johnson
Derek - IT Technician

Derek has worked for two years in the company. Derek's extensive background in programming and web design helped translate our communications into effective visuals. He fixes bugs and is responsible for the security of our backend system.

Over 4,000 Professional Researchers and Writers

Above all, our researches deserve the last word! Our team is some of the most talented educators in the UK. They have been recruited after only first going through a rigorous selection and interviewing process. In many cases the writers hold very respected and responsible roles, such as lecturers, tutors, and PHD fellows within institutions and are also industry leaders, Accountants, Health professionals, Psychologists, Lawyers etc. We ensure that we keep the best talent in the UK and pay them the highest rates in the industry to ensure we can offer a quality product to our customers.

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